Hudson Valley Seed Library

I spent Friday afternoon rummaging through my seed box to see what we still needed to order (more KALE! more flowers!) and what we had plenty of (winter squash and tomatoes). I think seeds, seed packets, and seed catalogues are inherently beautiful as they come with them the prospect of the growing season. BUT I think that the Hudson Valley Seed Library does a particularly careful and beautiful job at seed packets and I wanted to share. They are an online only (no catalogue = no dead trees) seed library based in New York's Hudson River Valley. They have the normal runofthemill heritage, non-GMO seed collections available for purchase. What stands out is their Art Packs. They commission a bunch of artists each year to create new packs for various seeds. They are a bit pricier than the normal seeds. An art pack for dino kale goes for $3.75 while the regular unembellished pack goes for $2.75. I thought they'd make awful sweet presents for friends with gardens this summer.

Happy Monday. Nick and I are going all the wee way up to Burlington today to scavenge bus parts for the 1977 vw we are having slowly restored (mainly rust but also including a proper back seat so we can strap a car seat in for the bébé). I know it's pitiable but I've been looking very forward to this trip to the big city all week long.

Amendment!!!! this post that I read over a year ago slipped into my subconscious and I am shamed to say I didn't even realize or acknowledge that I had essentially copied the photos, one for one. Thank you Sophie for introducing me to the Hudson Valley Seed Library and my apologies for being so thick about where I find my inspiration.


  1. One of our nurseries here in Texas sells these little art seed packs. They are very beautiful but I haven't broken down and bought any yet.

  2. wow!! cool! with these seeds there might grow psychedelic plants!

  3. gorgeous! my gardener cousin with a may birthday would love these.

  4. Kindred spirits, you and I. Farming-type spirits with cameras and a love of art, too (http://thejoyoffarming.blogspot.com/2012/02/small-wonders.html). Your post made me smile, and made me want to get back to it with my very much on the back burner blog. Anyway, I always enjoy reading your wise words and seeing your beautiful photos. Thank you.

    1. My goodness Sophie, I think your post from last year COMPLETELY inspired me subconsciously. I am amending the above to give you credit where credit is overwhelmingly due. After all, you did introduce the company to me way back when (http://longestacres.blogspot.com/2012/03/i-made-13683-for-2011-tax-year.html). Please do start writing on your blog again. I miss it so. xoxo.

  5. I love the illustrations on the packaging!! :)


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