farm wedding inspiration

i have never met mckenzie in person but i count her as one of my farmer girl friends. i met her through this blog and email her when i have questions about sheep or just need someone who is both farmer and blogger to commiserate with.

mckenzie just married her best friend jamie. and lydia took these spectacular photos of their day. 

i haven't made one single step towards planning our wedding. i get overwhelmed having friends over for dinner so i can't imagine what a wedding would do to me.  but looking at mckenzie and jamie's photos i came to the very belated realization that i can't wait for our wedding day. that it will be filled with our family, animals,  and friends. and so it will be beautiful. 

for now, i will simply enjoy the honest beauty of mckenzie and jamie's wedding. and hope to goodness i find a dress half as stunning as hers. 

you can see more of the day on lydia's blog and where it was featured on rock n' roll bride.

all photo credits to lydia jane


  1. Wow that is a beautiful wedding and an incredible dress. I have to admit that planning a wedding was a ton of work and kind of stressful- but most if that was just making everyone happy and family wrangling so if you have easy families then you are golden! Smart thinking to take it slow and remember it's just a party really to celebrate the person you adore with all of your loved one's (and animals!).

    xox Lilly

  2. I looooooved (and still love) their wedding pictures. SO beautiful. There's a little part of me that wishes we had held off on getting married until we had a farm to do it on!

  3. So gorgeous. We're planning on having a vow renewal ceremony at our property for our 10th wedding anniversary. That's 3 1/2 years away so I have plenty of time to plan :)

  4. I read both of your blogs and they've always seemed so compatible - perfect inspiration for you!

  5. Planning a wedding is stressful at time, even when you want it simple (mainly my family made it stressful even if they mean well!) But it is worth it, I have 30 days to go and I never felt so excited about anything.
    I am very happy for you both and wish you to have the wedding you want, the way you want it, because that's what matters.

  6. @Maelia, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Very happy for you two.

  7. Amazing wedding pictures! I got so many wedding inspirations from these photos. I am going to tie knot at one of most beautiful wedding venues and looking for interesting ideas to use for my wedding ceremony.


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