the prospect of a blue day

today was the first morning in seven that the skies took the higher road and greeted us with blue. or, rather, partially blue. there is nothing more insulting than the continuous gray of drizzle when you know She is capable of salutations like this.

this makes me want to shake the covers and sleeping kittens at 5:30 and get in the garden. this makes me want to sprint down to the barn and wake the rest of the troops. this makes me want to run to the top of the sheep pen, arms outstretched, in a frock made from drapes singing like maria. this makes me want to build. makes me want to plant. makes me want to till and dig and run and sweat and swim and grow.

of course, we do live in vermont. and these days aren't to be taken for granted.

my neighbor met me last evening on our front porch, in between downpours, to deliver me a hot bowl of soup**. the heartiness of which i would have previously reserved for marches and aprils but readily accepted this chilly june 5th. i mentioned something unimaginative and catty about the unrelenting grey sky. he retorted as he left that we ought to just be "thankful we have all our limbs and aren't being chased by murderous dictators" which left me guiltily holding a hot bowl of soup and mumbling how thankful we are for our limbs and for having a benevolent presidency.... "but yes" he added over his shoulder "the weather is shit".

so the weather is shit and today it need not be.  we must sieze the partly cloudy partly SUNNY day. everything is to be thrown out doors. the washing to be strung up for drying. the beans to be flung in the garden. the newly hatched baby chicks and their mama to life outside the brooder. the peas trellised and the potatoes hilled.  me and my sweet love to the partially constructed mobile chicken house and then to the pond as it has been too many days since we have swum and bathed.

i hope the sun has come to you all. perhaps he never went away in your parts but by god we are so thankful to see him.

**neighbors in vermont are neighborly. a quality i had thought was reserved for storybooks and vintage cinema.

also i wanted to thank all of you that wrote such kind things to nick regarding little lucky fox. it meant the world to him to read such sweet words and see how much everyone loved getting to know lucky.


  1. So sorry about the fox. He was such a little cutie! I'm sure even more so as you knew him.

    Always a pleasure to read here. And what a beautiful place, via your photograph.

  2. wow. is that your view? vermont has always been one of my favorite places to be. i'm from jersey and quite a few of my family members have transplanted themselves up there (who wouldn't?)

    i'm living in brooklyn now, working with a small yet beautiful garden, but i am absolutely living through your adventures and words. x

  3. It has rained here in Britain solidly for about a week too. It has been the Jubilee Weekend for the Queen too so it has been a Bank Holiday, albeit a very wet one. I try and look on the bright side and tell myself at least I don't have to water our garden but it does make me feel a lot more motivated and excited when the sun is out... x

  4. oh my god! its so beautiful.. i´m from mexico, and where i live the sun is always up and shiny and soooo hot u.u but its beautiful too..
    i love your blog, its so lovely how you work with the nature, i admire you so... have a happy day, i hope the sky stays blue for you C:

  5. Your image is beautiful, and it evokes an actual feeling inside. I love that your neighbor brought over a cup of soup. Even in Boulder, Colorado, which is considered a very friendly city, my neighbors and I have barely given each other a glancing hello. It's sad!

  6. I think about your little fox from time to time and I just ponder...I am so glad I found your blog. It's like reading a storybook or a fairytale. Your life is so different from mine and I love looking into it :) Peering in.
    sounds like a great neighbor. I wish I had that.
    Grey skies here too and a bit chilly but got better by the end of the day. It made taking a walk not so sweaty.

  7. Beautiful!
    You have some lovely neighbors!

  8. Found your blog from your friend Melissa, I grew up on Shelburne Farms outside of Burlington. We're headed home for a visit next week, and looking at your Vermont photos makes me that more excited! Heard Melissa and her family will be visiting you guys next month, looking forward to seeing photos and hearing about their farm adventures :) Take care! Tessa {ourbeachbaby.com}

  9. I am really enjoying your blog and reading this post in particular was a good way to start off my day yesterday. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I came back to read it to friends and just now to comment.

    I'm glad you are representing Vermont and Soulemama is representing Maine, if those of us here in New Hampshire keep quiet maybe no one will notice us....

    This weather is strange, isn't it? And Old Yankees are they BEST, aren't they?

  10. That picture made me gasp when I saw it! I lived in Burlington one summer, and it is forever ENGRAINED in my mind and heart. Thanks so much for taking it!

    Currently living in AZ, and will try to order the sunshine AWAY to you guys because the high today is 106, and I so miss those foggy, gray days...But I also should try to take what we have with more embracing arms- no crazy dust storms, so yeah sunshine!

  11. I am in Maine and we have been suffering the same shitty weather. FINALLY the sun is out! a small gift after such sad stuff. I am sorry about Lucky. :(

  12. i was so sad to read about lucky and i can "hear" your sadness in your post. lucky was certainly lucky to have you guys whether it was for 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 years. he was lucky.:)
    i check in on your blog every now and then because i have secretly always wanted to live the farm girl life. it's just s beautiful and your pictures are serene and sweet and so full of love and life. im so happy to be a new follower and look forward to checking back in.

  13. I love your blog. It is such a beautiful chronicle of your life. Keep up the good work... Vermont is wonderful. I grew up on a farm homesteading with my parents so your blog hits close to home. Next summer I am moving back home to start a CSA! So excited!!

    Good luck with everything!!!


  14. that is so beautiful. our internship (as delightful as it is) has me pining for my mountains.


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