the never ending farm to-do list

a totally tiring week. it is finally sunday night. sunday night is my friday night these farm days. i have tomorrow and the next off. ostensibly. though...thanksgiving week is upon us and the farm will be alight with family and turkeys-to-be-sold. so there will be much to do.

i have a house to clean. a guestroom to make. pre-thanksgiving market and the forty birds we will be bringing. a birthday girl to dote on. a boyfriend to ship off to boston. a family to welcome with big open arms and a farm to work.

it may sound like complaint. but i swear it isn't. i adore the farm in this busy fashion. its a  managed chaos...similar to the summer. and its the only way i'm able to get a drop of work done.

yesterday, before market, i was up at sunrise feeding the bees. i thought the light so spectacular that i had to take the camera to show you all the sights surrounding our little home. humble as they may be.


milk and oj; a distrubing tale of consumption

today is wednesday. i bought a full jug of milk and of oj on monday....monday afternoon. this is how quickly the two of us go through them. nick has started drinking a glass of whole milk at dinner with me. and then we usually have another at dessert. the oj is simply chugged.

lady's first pair of cowboy boots

i have some muddy boots. i did a little boot shopping this week. the cowboy boots were 6 dollars at the goodwill. the blundstones were a treat. its getting awfully slippery muddy dirty in the pig and bird pens.

we have a very strict 'no shoes' rule in the house now. i usually walk in and out of all rooms for a good 10 minutes before i remember this.


i am a poser seamstress

i have accomplished a very small but tiring thing today. i made us a shower curtain. i talked about this for.....well... its november 16th and we moved in after labor day....so a solid 2 months of talking and talking.

there were many a challange to overcome. how to thread the bobbin on the machine? how to use said machine at all? buttons or grommets? fabric? i more than once drove to anthropologie and threatened to splurge on one of their shower curtains. they are appallingly out of my budget.

this morning i finally put fabric (an overly flowered sheet found at goodwill) to needle and did it.

i spent all day doing this while nick and patrick demolished the guest bedroom in hopes of winterizing it before the aged ps arrive for thanksgiving. oh sweet lord i have a lot to do before then.

oscar is becoming pig-sized

this is how big oscar is getting. just to keep you all updated. he is a happy little mud-lover. but i can still pick him up.


to the mailman

tomorrow. finally. getting to the post. letters and paintings going out to various brooklyn dwellings...one to upstate....one to california.....and of course one to gaie paris.

i miss you all. so terribly much. i wish that i could send myself to all of these places to see each and every one of you. but that is not in the farm-hand budget these days. so you get my elementary oil paintings in my place.


homebirth, didion, and jelly beans

after the frost killed the remaining eggplant and peppers this weekend....and quite frankly gave my lettuce a fright...the weather has perked back up again. and it is delicious out. 

i attended my first homebirth last night/early this morning. and so i came home thoroughly tired...did some laundry...cleaned up the bird feathers mysteriously strewn around the living room and then promptly jumped into bed with the kittens...joan didion...and a bowl of jelly beans. a very solid way to recharge.


in which we attend a wedding, and only take pictures of ourselves

yesterday we went to duke chapel to see my dear cousin marry. the chapel and the service were lovely and grand and if you live around us and have never heard the organist at that chapel, you must. in between the service and the reception nick and i strolled the duke gardens....and took a nap in the car. one thing is that nick likes to talk on his iphone when we go into pretty places and i like to nag on that if even for just a minute. 

two is that i don't have a single picture of the wedding to post. the bride and groom were stunning. the chapel and the country club were picturesque. i think the rest of my family is rather beautiful too. but i kept the camera away. i did this at my last family wedding too. part of it is that i know there is a professional photog somewhere...snapping away and with a much better eye than mine...but mainly there is a little voice within me...telling me to leave those sacred moments alone...away from cameras...out of grasp of blogs and facebook and tweets...to sit there and enjoy and soak up and in every moment with my family with my dear own eyes and not with a camera between them. 

i guess i'm trying to say...sometimes....some moments are not bloggable...because they are too sacred to be.


beef stew weather

we're getting a fairly accurate look into the winter ahead. it is bone chilly this thursday on the farm. and pouring rain. its no longer that magical farm rain where every animal and plant welcome the water with faces and arms raised to the heavens. no. its the kind of rain that forces me to hide in the greenhouse with lydia the cat. its the kind of rain that has us running to get more straw to lay down in the animals' huts. its the kind of rain that allows for a hot beef stew lunch in our underwear while our sopping wet clothes are drying. its the kind of rain that calls for a shot of eggnog before getting back outside.


just call me mr. green thumb

tonight.  i am sitting here. listening to the ella station on pandora. while nick makes a salad for dinner at elizabeth's. in that salad will be, among other things, red lettuce and radishes, both from my garden. both things that i grew. that makes me both very astounded and very proud. i know, i know. its terribly poor form to brag on your own blog. but it does make me smile and its hard to hide a smile. 
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