Seasoned Quarterly -Winter 2013

This past fall my friend Julie and her family moved themselves from Boston to the seacoast of Maine to start living a life of making their own food. They now rent a house with about an acre of outdoor which, I imagine, must feel like 100 acres after living at the top of a three floor walk up in Boston. Typically moving somewhere North in the fall would intimidate gardeners enough that they would plan to wait until Spring before planting anything.  Julie was undeterred by the impending frost and made a hoop house in their backyard and within weeks had planted their winter greens. She told me over tea in her kitchen during a visit we took to Maine that she was sick of waiting to act and had made a resolution to herself to start doing. 

During that visit she and Craig had also spoken of dreams of writing a cookbook. As they had before. As they have good reason for dreaming of. They are phenomenally inventive cooks. I have licked clean every dish they have ever put in front of me. Nick too. Which was why we had driven the 180 odd miles up and down and through the White Mountains in the VW with failing break pads to get to them. Why we found ourselves in their kitchen on a chilled October weekend. 

After most dreams I hear from friends I smile wistfully into the corner of whichever room we happen to be in. I usually share something profoundly un-motivating like Oh, that would be hard. The subject is hurriedly changed and we conveniently all try to forget the uncomfortable truths of dreams and dreams that will never come true. 

BUT but but but. Once in a great while you get to be witness to the friend sharing her dream and then actually seeing that dream come to fruition. 

Julie and her new quarterly Seasoned is one such great while. Julie has just published her first issue for Winter. It is filled with recipes for winter lunches and dinners and homeremedies for good winter health. It is beautifully done and you can order a digital copy to save some trees or a print copy to keep in your cookery cabinets. All of the proceeds help her to fulfill her next dream; buying and starting her own farm/homestead. 

I've been resting on my laurels of going out and starting my own farm for a while now. Julie's ambition for her own dream's gives me pause as I think about what I want 2013 to bring for me and my family and my farm. There are a good many changes coming for Nick and I this year and I want to be sure I steer those changes in the right direction of where I want to be. 

A good hearty toast of congratulations to Julie and her dedication to the dream. 
**All photos taken by Julie from her blog**


  1. Inspiring story! Thank you.


  2. Wow! Congratulations Julie! The book is lovely!

  3. it looks beautiful! and how inspiring to watch someone truly fulfilling their dreams. thanks for sharing this.

  4. The Robinson Family is thoroughly enjoying our copy! Go Julie!


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