pictured, not pictured


1. One of my three ewe yearlings.  She and her sisters will be bred next month to a neighboring ram, Galileo. They are looking so good, if a little fat. They are tremendously efficient off even the poorest grass.
2. Goldenrod, bee balm and black-eyed susans. The hummingbirds take to the bee balm, the cows eat the goldenrod. I haven't seen anyone but the goats eat the black-eyed susans.
3. Spider-dew-webs everywhere in early morning.
4. To add chaos to an already full summer, we are building a barn....or rather hiring people to build it for us. Winter is nigh and the animals humbly require shelter from the cold.
5. My gorgeous sister milking my gorgeous -but muddy- cow.
6. These quadrupeds are back from their summer in the Western pasture. It is good to hear their synchronized bleats at bedtime again.

not pictured:

1. My small victory of being the only one who could convince the sheep to jump the stream while we were moving them to their new pasture. It is really incredible to feel useful again out there in the fields. I was an insufferable braggart for the rest of the afternoon.
2. The first raspberry from the 17 bushes that Rachael gave us as a housewarming. Some year, it will be many more.
3. The slow rebuilding of a broken bridge which has effectively made an island of the Western pasture.
4. Nick's pasture management of chickens following cows coming nicely to fruition with beautiful grass recovery and a decrease in cow flies.
5. The solar coop door we now have for the chickens. Opens at sunrise, closes at dusk. Saves feathered lives. Allows farmers a more leisurely cuppa joe in the am and a more generous glass of wine in the pm.
6. Baby Leland who dominates my Instagram feed but who graciously ceded the limelight to the animals for today's post.
7. A river of labor-day revelers that are descending upon us starting this afternoon.
8. All those extra hands for holding, and burping, and bouncing the babe.


  1. You simply amaze me. We finally moved on our land and it is so much, so much work so much effort and so much reward. I am loving every second and I feel incredible. But animals and a beautiful little boy on top of it?! You are amazing!

  2. I love you. And I love this post. Hugs to all the animals, humans and otherwise. xx

  3. Gorgeous photos and captured moments, both picture & not-pictured. LOVE the idea of a solar coop door - where did you find a good one? Say hi to New England for me! I miss it...

  4. I love the pictures of the farm. I hope in a few years I can have the opportunity to experience something like it.


  5. I'm absolutely in love with your little farm and your gorgeous photos!

  6. I love your farm & animals. You capture it all so beautifully!

  7. Lovely to see a post from you again. All looks wonderful.

  8. Such a lovely peek into your beautiful life!

  9. Solar coop door?? Really? I may have to google this ...

  10. i love this idea of pictured/not pictured.. your blog is fantastic!

  11. Baby Leland and ewe yearlings! Beautiful. Your goats remind me of one summer when I house-sat on a pack goat farm in Wyoming. I had NO idea what I was doing, but my sister and I got super attached to the goats.

    Anyway, I just discovered your blog and it's all sorts of gorgeousness.



  12. Hi there!

    First things first, baby Leland looks absolutely precious -- and goodness, I love his name! This may sound a little crazy but I was hoping I could get in touch with you and ask you a few questions about your farm and if you'd ever feel open to hosting an event. If so, please do let me know, my fiancé and I just drool over your photos.



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