December walk

December 19th, 2013

My sister and her boyfriend, Jacob, flew in from California yesterday and came up to the farm to join us before we all pile into one car to visit my parents for Christmas. 

It fills me to have visitors...to see this land populated with our young smiling friends. It isn't a treat we are granted often in the winter. We aren't near any large ski mountains, and the thrill of Vermont in the winter sans alpine ski is lost on many. We've sung our mightiest gospel on the virtues of the snowshoe, the sled, the cross country ski, and the propsect of an aprรจs-snowshoe whisky. 

There is also the yurt who has proven a bit chilly for most guests, even with the coax of a pumping woodstove. In that vain we've smashed two couches into our downstairs room, to accommodate the intrepid and rare beast of a winter's guest. Every so often we catch one or two, and take them tromping through the woods, to throw snowballs at them. 


  1. Love your blog! I live in nearby Tunbridge, and understand how hard it is to drag family/college friends/etc up to Vermont in the winter. When we do manage to coax visitors up north, they'll whine about how dark and cold it is, but I guess that keeps the masses from moving up here :)

  2. Sounds wonderful and such a beautiful thing to share home and nature! Have a beautiful day!!


  3. hey! i've just seen "read a book" and i think that perhaps you would enjoy this one:

    i don't know why but now i need hot chocolate.. uhmmm

  4. Put down the baby. Put down the pig. We miss you Kate!


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