les oeufs

this is all nick. he started backyard farm....in addition to all the big big farm we do day to day. one of the most exciting parts of this is the eggs. our own eggs. we have 17 chickens. 6 laying hens that seem to give us between 4 & 6 eggs a day. they decided a long time ago that they weren't going to conform to the nest boxes nick had made them. so, for a while, it was somewhat of a egg-hunt, to see where they lay. now they have settled in one spot, at the back of the wood shed, and another on a hay bale in the barn. don't tell our egg-sucking dogs where they are.

so we eat a lot of eggs. tomorrow, at market, we will be selling our second dozen. last saturday we sold our first, to a nun. it was perfect.

our eggs are delicious.

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  1. aw, i love this. we have just a handful of chickens now and we think only one is laying, so we don't have nearly as many eggs, but the morning egg hunt is still fun!


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