rose & morris

this is rose and morris. nick found them, born on a very cold day last week. we took them in, as they were having trouble bonding with their mum. we named them after nick's great aunt and uncle. and as we are want to do, we traveled with them this past weekend to raleigh to see brent and melissa.

the hard thing about taking newborn piglets in, is that you can never be a replacement for their real pig mama. and sadly, we weren't for morris. morris died yesterday afternoon, asleep next to his sister. we reckon that he never got any colostrum when he was first born which makes it very hard to carry on. i hate when piglets die. its plain awful. i hate even more that rose no longer has her brother to grow up with. we're doing our best to keep her company and love her like morris would. she's sleeping on my lap right now, underneath a blanket, just had a big bottle of milk. but its a poor substitute for the real thing.


  1. What beautiful photos and what a beautiful post. Lucky piglets to have you.

  2. I'm sorry that you had to go through that, Kate. As the previous commenter said: lucky piglets to have you.


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