doulas rock...and other pieces of advice from melissa

my sweet melissa is on her blog talking about the need for the self-education of women in how they birth their babies. having been right here with her as she labored through arlo's birth i can tell you that Women's bodies are an incredible creation of nature. they can do amazing things. they can, sometimes, most-times, create and deliver human babies all on their own. melissa and i both certainly agree that modern western medicine can save mothers lives. can save babies lives. can give babies to mothers who would naturally, not be able to have them. and all of that is equally amazing. equally miraculous. but the natural delivery is a lost art in the states today. something that needs revisiting. something that needs saving. for the health of the Mother. for the health of the Baby.


  1. I gave birth to my daughter naturally and with the support of a doula, midwife and (of course) my husband and sister. Most intense, painful and amazing experience of my life. I'm so glad I did it naturally.


  2. I found your blog through Melissa's blog quite awhile ago. She is a brave gal! More women should be educated on birth in general. If you have a free moment, you should check out the blog my friend operates for the farm she works at.


    And enter their cation contest too:

  3. As I mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for my first birth, its snippets like this that remind me "hell yeah, I can do this!" It what my body was MADE to do. So thanks, Ill take all the reminders I can get.
    Such a beautiful photo too.

  4. i love this! as a labor and delivery nurse who was sparked with a passion for natural birth and became a doula-- i love seeing women come together to embrace the feat of birthing naturally. as you know-- it's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

  5. I am so excited about this because I am preparing for a natural birth with my first child in February (or march). I completely agree, that I feel my body and mind was MADE to do this! Thanks for the post.

  6. I agree- our bodies were amazingly designed to birth babies. Childbirth is such a beautiful process that truly is about more than "just" a healthy baby. Beautiful photo too :)


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