a typewritten induced silence

please excuse the silence as i hurtle myself towards the christmas deadline that so torments the card season. i certainly wish i had chosen an implement other than the typewriter. i typewriter type with one finger. it is loud. painfully slow. and ludicrously unecessary.

so while i type away you can look at an interview the nice ladies of bcfootwear did on me and my animals.


  1. I love that interview. You are fantastic.

  2. Kate I love that interview! I'm trying to get Christmas cards and such done too. I'm proud of myself for sending my niece and nephew their presents just in the nick of time! I couldn't be that lame aunt without a present for them under the tree :)


  3. LOVED the interview Kate. You are such an inspiration! Oh, how I dream of your farm life...

    Katie x

  4. I read your interview as I sat in my apartment and listened to the sounds of cars whizzing by and angry drunk people yelling angry drunk things to each other... needless to say I have high hopes of someday being able to live a similar life. I don't think many realize how it takes a brave person to live such a life, but you definitely help to show that it's a gamble worth taking.

  5. "I typewriter with one finger" fucking great!


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