on the subject of cake. and pigs.

thank you. for the recipes. i have received so many beautiful recipes and stories that my only trouble now is finding order to them. which to bake when. i have chosen a white cake from 1964 for my first. i baked it today. and have already eaten too much of it. photos to follow next week. 

if you still have a cake recipe and a story and any accompanying photos you would want to share please send it to my email kathryn.maclean@gmail.com

now to leave you with several photos of great pigs from our north carolina days inspired by the poem the fable of the great sow by john kinsella that was in this past week's new yorker. (thank you, mom) and by the kickstarter campaign we are helping to back this week found here
all photos from nick


  1. I was literally JUST thinking about how great it would be if we could get bacon with no nitrates in it. Even the local stuff has it in there... I'm going to rely on your blog now (and this kickstarter video) to convince Jamie that pigs are something we need to raise. He's all like, "no, they're stinky and huge and unmanageable" and I'm all like, "BACON, CHUBBY BABIES!"


  2. little spotty piglets make me smile.

  3. We're just slaughtering our first pig tomorrow (We're on a sheep farm in Australia) and I was wondering if you have done that yet or witnessed it?

    I actually baked a cake for "pig pig" yesterday as a sort of gift to him before he goes. I am finding it hard, as this is a new thing for me...

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