If ever you find yourself fantasizing about the "simple" life in the hills of Vermont...picture me, in my long-johns, a sweater meant for a 90 year old man, and clown-sized snow boots shoveling out a walk way just to reach the outhouse. That should do to temper any fantasy.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good toilet seat covered in snow.

I hope you all had a wonderful week of Christmas. And I hope those of you who got hit by this latest storm are warm and safe and with light and a good puzzle. And I hope that all of you who live in warmer climates are frolicking in fields wearing sundresses and laughing at photos like that above.


  1. I'm not one for texty-t-shirts, but seriously. That would make a good one... "I love a good toilet seat covered in snow."

    Try to stay warm up there! Sorry your buns are cold.

  2. Brrr...I can't even manage! I hope you stay warm despite the frigid weather : )

  3. Well, that definitely puts into perspective my occasional moans about going without the oil central heating in our Boston triple-decker! (Part stinginess, part curiosity, part environmental concerns...)

    By the way, your pictured/not pictured posts inspired me to do one of my own for Christmas. Thank you for sharing snippets of your rural life with us.

  4. I'm amazed at your reality, and laughing because we are mid (hot hot) summer yet have been talking about one day experiencing the four seasons properly. We really only experience 3 types of summer where I live in the sub-tropics!!

  5. that is a richness of experience (not easy but...)I know because i've lived it many years on the family farm. wishing all the best to you and your barn folk.

  6. Please tell us everything about your outhouse. I know it' kind of gross, but it's really interesting and so few from our generation have ever dealt with one.

  7. HA! Hope you're staying warm and cozy!!!

  8. Hi Kate!
    Just wanted to send wishes to you and Nick and all the animals for a great happy new year 2013! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and life with us, it really is an inspiration!

    Best wishes,
    (from Finland)

  9. Awww.... I'm at some weird in-between. Too cold for sundresses but still no snow. I'm stuck with layers and looking forward to Spring. =/

    Kate from Clear the Way

  10. Oh, geez! I don't think I would cope well... but I do fantasize about all the rest of your "simple life in the hills of Vermont!"

    Found your blog through Julie's-- I was one of the contributors to Seasoned. Loved your part of the magazine and I look forward to checking out more of your blog! Cheers!


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