Cane Creek Farm

Last night Nick and I slept in the old school bus we lived in our first summer farming. After coffee and cereal this morning we trudged out with the new farm hands to check the animals after a cold (to Carolina standards) night. We looked at a couple of mama pigs that are about to farrow. I collected duck eggs. Nick hopped on the tractor to fill a big feeder. We moved one of the boars, Twizzler,  to a new pen and watched for several minutes as he and his pen's presiding boar duked it out. We chased piglets for an hour so that Nick could castrated the five little boys.

We've just finished lunch and are headed to the feed store to pick up feed and bedding supplies for the rest of the week.

It knocks me over to be here. To be in a place I so closely consider as home. It felt as though we had barely missed a moment this morning. As though we'd just been away for a long weekend. Of course we have changed. This farm has changed. The animals have, for the most part, changed.

I can't wait to be back in Vermont to see the animals and the farm and the land that I now know as home, but I am lapping up every hour I have re-visiting our old home here.


  1. Love the pictures.

    Sometimes it's nice to go back in time, but it's always good to get home again.


    Sue xx

  2. Wonderful impressions and thoughts...have a good return to Vermont!
    Greetings from Germany

  3. those baby sheepies!!! i die of the cuteness! safe travels back north. vini was so thrilled to see yall in Raleigh. i lived it vicariously thru him... :) love you.

  4. I love how life moves forward and we move and change, and homes add up in our hearts making us who we are. It's such a special feeling when you return to what was a past home.

  5. fantastic pictures. looking forward to seeing more :)


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