pictured, not pictured


1. Nick hasn't stopped playing and learning and teaching himself on the guitar since I was given one for Christmas.
2. Belly at 19 weeks, that is always smaller in the mornings.
3. It took us a few fruitless nights and eggless mornings but we've found the new hidden nests and are back to having a good dozen on the table.
4. Three layers of cake I made for my Valentine yesterday. We ate about 1/32 of it. Which is fortunate for it will feed us for a dinner with a neighbor tonight, dinner here with friends tomorrow, and a dinner at another neighbors' on Sunday.
5. We've been working on our tracking skills. Thus far we're not very good. But we can tell if its a BIG animal or a small one. Impressive.
6. Pink sky for evening chores.
7 and 8 night-time animals with the flash and faux black & white to ease the harshness of the flash. Must keep the animals looking their finest, especially in print.

Not pictured:

1. My jealousy of Nick's guitar skills. It is quite ugly, so I'm rather glad nobody has snapped a photo of me, glowering from the corner of the living room while Nick picks along yet another song he's taught himself. I have made no progress. It has something to do with no practice.
2. Nick spoke to the baby yesterday. Something I haven't yet done. I can no longer seem to bend in half and I feel silly shouting into mid air at the baby. I need a handsfree head-set to talk to the baby. Or better a Whisper-ma-Phone.
3. The mildness of 41ºF this morning. Not to last. But it gives us the day to de-poopify the barn. To bring four months worth of trash --mostly bailing twine-- to the dump (we have to pay for our trash and we bring it 40 minutes away!). If I let myself think about it, it makes me a little wary that I get this excited about a "warm" day all for barn poop/mud cleanup. So, I don't let myself think about it.
4. The warp I have nearly completed and am nearly reading to start weaving upon.
5. The dilemma of a need for another hay pick-up and my growing inability to carry heavy things.
6. Talking to my sister by phone about the beauty of the coming summer.
7. The seed catalogs that lay obvious and untouched on the coffee table.
8. The maple sugaring book I am studying in hopes of tapping my first few trees this year.
9. My wondering how I will  navigate being a very pregnant farmer in the height of the summer.


  1. I love the pink sky reflected in the snow. Looks like a truly magical place for a baby to be. xx

  2. your lives seem so magical. i, too, remember feeling very strange speaking to my baby while she was still on the inside. my husband spoke to her so much more. i know it's supposed to be good for the baby but i just felt so odd speaking out loud to someone who i could not see.
    i really, really love your bed quilt.
    and i feel the same way when i photograph our animals... i hate to put up an unflattering picture of them. i don't want them to feel embarrassed about themselves :)

  3. kate! i love these photos. the tracking one is so pretty! your farm is magical. this is overdue, but CONGRATS! on the baby news. :) sending so much love to you this friday morning from new york! have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I've said it before, and I'll say it again! Love, love, love the pictured, not pictured posts! Also, what a beautiful momma to be you are! :)

  5. congratulations on that baby bump! makes me so happy. :-)

  6. Sounds like you'll need assistance this summer. Good thing you have a fabulous French future fairy godmother slash excellent cook (asparagus mousse?) slash not squeamish around animal poop bff who is ready willing and able to come lend a hand for a week or so... xo

  7. Oh Kate, wonderful pictures and wonderful thoughts.
    Take care of you and your baby

  8. Your photos are always so beautiful! I love stopping by to have a look - makes me want to know more about the farming life.

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  10. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog.

    It is one of my favorites (great writing and great photos). I think it is just amazing that you guys have been able to create such a nice lifestyle. I am sure it is not without sacrifice, but I think it is something you should be very proud of.

    The only "career" I really want is farmer, but it's so hard to get out of the rat race and have the freedom to make that a reality. Maybe someday. :)

    And congrats on the baby. It is like nothing else you will ever do. Very special.

  11. I am jealous of my man for knowing how to play guitar really well too. He's really into practicing and playing all the time, he sings our son to sleep and plays to him in the bath and plays while they're in the garden... I have resolved to learn something else.

  12. I'll show him how to play upside down when we're up there; that should slow him down long enough for you to catch up. oxoxo love that growing belly.

  13. awesome post ! you look wonderful kate and i adore your tatoo and [from the 1st photo] your living room!=] could you post or send me that recipe for the yummy pink valentines day cake you posted a photo of? it looks mouth watering=] , i also like your bed spread too in your photos. thanks! i hope u are well=]

  14. @Julz100, thanks for the tattoo compliment ! The cake is a red velvet cake from SmittenKitchen.com I'll put the link in the post.

  15. hahah, i can perfectly understand you when you talk about jealousy of nick's guitar skills!!

  16. Congrats on the baby! I love following your blog (your photos are gorgeous - and a regular pick-me-up in my walled-in office). I've let unread blogs pile up in Google Reader lately, so a late congrats. :)

  17. the tracking photo took my breath away! I always look forward to your posts.

  18. your life is gorgeous.

    that picture of the hoof prints in the snow is particularly stunning. those colors.

  19. I Nice pictures, I really love it. especially the second pics cute...



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