first birth

dear lord i am a tired girl. in the wee hours of friday morning i got called in to attend my first birth as a doula. i was there for 21 hours. it was.....surreal. maybe because i was tired. maybe because i have never seen a human baby born....just pig babies and goat babies. 

my other mama is having early labor contractions now. it makes for a rather hectic schedule....being on call while working the farm. next time i may try to space my clients out a bit more.....2 in one week is a bit trop. 


  1. congratulations on your first birth as a doula!

  2. Kate that's amazing! Congrats on your first birth as a doula :) (exactly what Laura said)

  3. How can you be a doula w/o ever seeing a human baby born? No disrespect, just wondering. Love the blog... read the whole thing!

  4. Hi Elise, No disrespect taken! I was and still am a doula in training. I work as a doula for free as I still only have a year of experience and I want to do it for experience with birth as I would like to someday pursue my studies in midwifery. Thanks for asking and thanks for reading!

  5. I'm just reading through your blog now (found you via Bleubird) and I'm also a doula <3 Loving your site!



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