here we are

this is me. well this --the picture--is actually, and quite clearly, several chickens. our chickens. me and my boyfriend, nick, live on a farm in north carolina. it is my cousin's farm. and before this we were office people with lovely indoor jobs in san francisco. now we live here. and we are quite happy about here. my days consist of gardening. of spoiling my piglets. of getting as muddy as humanely possible. of herding sheep. of catching runaway turkeys & chickens. this little blog is a way to show you about here

so welcome.


  1. Love you, doll face!
    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful things!
    Will you be on the island for Thanksgiving?

  2. Thank you, Kate, for your words and your colors! It seems I've read right to the beginning! I hope to continue to follow your stories and journey through farm life. I hope to get there soon myself. I do hope we get to make soap together!


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