today, i am thankful

today i am thankful...

for ayana, who has taken the overnight bus from new york and with whom i will be spending 3 glorious uninterrupted days
for the kitten sleeping right now in my puzzle box even though he cannot fit
for the other kitten eating our crickets
for nick and rudy who are still cuddled in bed
for the humidity breaking
for the first frost being kind and tardy so that i can still tend to my gardens
for the two carolinian women & their husbands who opened up their lives to me and let me attend their births as a doula
for having so many flowers around the farm that i can still fill seven jars comfortably 
for our little house, in all its cement-floor glory
for our local dairy making egg nog
for an upcoming day in the garden with my best friend. 

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  1. I too, also made the switch from tumblr to blogger a few weeks ago! Glad to see that you've been posting, I've missed your little semi-daily updates.


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