the never ending farm to-do list

a totally tiring week. it is finally sunday night. sunday night is my friday night these farm days. i have tomorrow and the next off. ostensibly. though...thanksgiving week is upon us and the farm will be alight with family and turkeys-to-be-sold. so there will be much to do.

i have a house to clean. a guestroom to make. pre-thanksgiving market and the forty birds we will be bringing. a birthday girl to dote on. a boyfriend to ship off to boston. a family to welcome with big open arms and a farm to work.

it may sound like complaint. but i swear it isn't. i adore the farm in this busy fashion. its a  managed chaos...similar to the summer. and its the only way i'm able to get a drop of work done.

yesterday, before market, i was up at sunrise feeding the bees. i thought the light so spectacular that i had to take the camera to show you all the sights surrounding our little home. humble as they may be.

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