i am a poser seamstress

i have accomplished a very small but tiring thing today. i made us a shower curtain. i talked about this for.....well... its november 16th and we moved in after labor day....so a solid 2 months of talking and talking.

there were many a challange to overcome. how to thread the bobbin on the machine? how to use said machine at all? buttons or grommets? fabric? i more than once drove to anthropologie and threatened to splurge on one of their shower curtains. they are appallingly out of my budget.

this morning i finally put fabric (an overly flowered sheet found at goodwill) to needle and did it.

i spent all day doing this while nick and patrick demolished the guest bedroom in hopes of winterizing it before the aged ps arrive for thanksgiving. oh sweet lord i have a lot to do before then.

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