in which we attend a wedding, and only take pictures of ourselves

yesterday we went to duke chapel to see my dear cousin marry. the chapel and the service were lovely and grand and if you live around us and have never heard the organist at that chapel, you must. in between the service and the reception nick and i strolled the duke gardens....and took a nap in the car. one thing is that nick likes to talk on his iphone when we go into pretty places and i like to nag on that if even for just a minute. 

two is that i don't have a single picture of the wedding to post. the bride and groom were stunning. the chapel and the country club were picturesque. i think the rest of my family is rather beautiful too. but i kept the camera away. i did this at my last family wedding too. part of it is that i know there is a professional photog somewhere...snapping away and with a much better eye than mine...but mainly there is a little voice within me...telling me to leave those sacred moments alone...away from cameras...out of grasp of blogs and facebook and tweets...to sit there and enjoy and soak up and in every moment with my family with my dear own eyes and not with a camera between them. 

i guess i'm trying to say...sometimes....some moments are not bloggable...because they are too sacred to be.

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  1. so true. i love that you recognize that... others dont. happy sunday!


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