antsy in my pants

its chilly. and i'm feeling antsy. but not antsy enough to brave the cold for a run. so, while nick builds bella a lean-to....i'm going to get productive inside on the sewing machine. i broke the needle 3 nights ago, rushing to finish bella's plaid woolrich calf-coat before the ice storm. now i am running to the craft store to get a new one so that i can work on 2 pillows, 1 dress for me for sunday lunch with sweet melissa & family, and the final touches on said calf-coat. wish me luck. i am no seamstress.

1 comment:

  1. seeing those spools of thread reminds me that I need to sew 2 buttons back on my coat - especially because I've been holding onto my roommate's needle + thread, and should return them soon.


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