i've been away from the farm, from nick, from the animals, for a long weekend. i've been away from email and blogger for even longer. today i am back. well, its actually my day off, and i am taking it even though i have been away. taking it to focus on things like email delinquency. and the fact that nick got me two new piglets, morris and rose, while i was away. i will also be making today my first day of training for my first 50k. this, i am very much looking forward to. time to get my farmer's butt back into running gear.

a couple of side notes relating to the pictures.

1. bluegrass arrows. all year long. a little treasure-hunt in our town.
2. i know the 3 closes places that sell our dairy's chocolate milk. they are, in order of proximity...the grill down the road....the feed store...the gas station in neighboring town. bam.
3. lindsay and i both read, and found, curious, in the year of magical thinking that landowners will tear down a house but leave the chimneys, for tax purposes. is this true?
4. straw manages to get into all corners of the car. even a freshly cleaned car. even just one bale. even on a 7 minute car ride. damn straw.

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  1. 50K !? You crazy girl! Best of luck with the training - remember, slow and steady wins the race :)


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