rudy & i are at the end of our rope

nick was gone for the last five days. which is why you barely heard boop from us all this time. rudy and i have been working like dogs....pardon, my french rudy.

the farm is a lot to handle without nick. but i was prepared. i had done it before, over thanksgiving. but the home farm. that is where things got chaotic. farm + home farm is too much for one lady. all of the animals survived nick's absence. and i dare say i managed to keep their happiness levels up to par too. but i was hanging on by a thread. and if you look carefully at my kitchen and at my person you can see the damage. i ate mostly toast and beer and cereal while he was gone. a massive dread at the back of my head started to form on thursday and is now full blown...i will have to either warmly and graciously accept it or cut it out.  i still have mud along the line where my boots meet my leggings. (rudy and i must shower before he comes home) a splinter in my right index fingernail that i haven't had the time or patience to get out has caused a crook in said finger.

i'm glad he got a little break from me and the farm and our animals. it was appallingly overdue. but i miss him. and i want/need him back.

also, rudy hates when i do self portraits of the two of us. it bores him to tears. this explains the yawn...the glare...and finally the walk-off. what a prima donna.  but i thought you'd all like my pajama-outfit for my day off. 

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