auf wiedersehen

today is my last blog day. i've decided to come to a slow, undignified, unglorified stop on the blog. i have found that i don't like the way it plays into my life. it stems from a conversation with my best friends this october. about how to blog in a genuine way. how to not look at events in your life and let how will i blog this get in the way of experiencing the event in the present, in its fullest.

i have come to the conclusion, that, as hard as i try, i feel the twinge of the blog seeping into my daily goings on. i love to share with you all my life on the farm, in france, in california....but i don't want that sharing to come in between my enjoyment and love of every second i have on this land, with these animals. so, i will stop. i will move on to the old ways of sharing moments and words....back to gmail and facebook photos and real paper letters,  back to my monthly photo albums sent to my aged p's, i'm also starting a diary. starting today. that i hope i can give the same amount of attention to, that i gave to my blog. but i won't have an audience. there ought not be any pressure or any angle. just pure me.

i have loved what the blog as given me. i have made so many friends through this. nick and i have an almost daily account of our lives for the past year & 1/2. i started taking pictures, lots of them, some of them half decently....but its just not for me anymore.

so, thank you all for reading. if you're ever wondering what i'm up to,  you can probably just picture me here, on the farm...or on one in new england...or one in california....or maybe in the alps. but its a safe bet  i'll be somewhere on the land, with an insufferably cute animal in my arms. with nick by my side. catch me through email [kathryn.maclean@gmail.com] or facebook or snail mail.

here are some last blog pictures. nick and i and rudy. enjoying a valentines day picnic yesterday. in one of the old houses in the sheep pen. i made him a squash apple soup, chicken liver paté, and a red velvet cake. with beer to wash it down. 



  1. this makes me so sad. i long for the return of my hippie life. i will soon be living in a cabin in the mountains, making art with my husband, teaching our little boy the beauty of life's simple pleasures, and a yard full of dogs and maybe a pig and a goat, too. thank you for the glimpse into your world.

  2. All the best sweet lady!!!! I think it's just plum wonderful.


    Stay in touch:)

  3. Like a good cup of morning joe, I will miss reading this almost daily blog from you, dear daughter.
    Thank you so much for sharing all the great words and pictures;
    but we are the lucky ones to have your monthly photo albums start up again- can't wait for the next one to arrive.

    much love, Dad

  4. i've really enjoyed catching the tail end of your run at blogging, kate. thanks for sharing! i wish you and yours all the best.

  5. I will miss this beautiful documentation of your life!!! It always brings a smile to my face! Thank you!
    All the best and love to you and Nick and Rudy!

  6. dear kate
    thank you for sharing
    all that you did (and do)
    your pictures
    & words
    surely touched me along the way
    i will
    of course
    be thinking of you.

  7. darling, i too will miss the blog. but i am so happy you are making this decision for YOU. and i would love to share stories the best way--send me your address and i'll start the letter exchange. love you always, molls

  8. Goodbye and good luck! I know where you are coming from as I've been there myself. It was not a good way to live my life and I wasn't living it for myself any more and found myself overlooking the little things in every day life that made things personally special. I was starting to slip into the trap of thinking how things would look on the blog before thinking for myself first. So I stopped my old blog, but I missed it, so started a new one, just for me. It's my diary of daily life and I only told a handful of 'bloggy' friends about it. Nobody in real life. Only about three people look at it, but it's my own little slice of the internet where I couldn't be happier. xo

  9. I have these same sentiments and struggle with it everyday :/ I try to keep a nice balance between the two, but it's hard to do so sometimes. I love your blog, btw. I'm very interested in farm life and will be working on one this summer.

  10. Ugh. I don't blame you at all for feeling this way. I think about it frequently. But then I come back to these nagging things:

    1- all the nice homesteading/dreaming/farming folk that I've developed relationships with

    2- that it's so nice to look back on my own blog and see where I've come from

    3- that my blog (hopefully) provides encouragement for others to go out there, move away from the city perhaps, and become acquainted with a slower pace of life

    4- that I probably won't do this forever because someday I'll have children and possibly question whether I want their lives to be arbitrarily shared with the rest of the internet world (...still thinking about that one) SO I should enjoy it now while it lasts

    5- the internet is most likely going to change a lot in my lifetime and right now it's pretty good. I can see it getting much more restrictive so while it's decent I should make use of it.

    ...but yeah, those are all excuses and I still battle with wanting to continue or not. Letting summer reality take days away from blogging is the way to go.

    long rant. sorry. ;)


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