get on with yourself you horrid winter

oh this is why we have spent the last several years avoiding northeast winters. while many of my dear loved ones are bracing themselves for their umpteenth snowstorm this winter, we, in north carolina, are frolicking in the spring of early february. tomorrow...they are calling for a high of 66. i'm sorry its such poor form to brag. but here i am bragging again about sunshine and warmth.

to be fair. we deserve it, we have been working outside throughout this wretched cold december and january. i have been told by everyone that the temps will 'ying yang' or 'yo yo' or 'noodle doodle'. that's o.k. by me. as long as the warmth...the sunshine...the freshness is starting, then that is all i need.

weekend-of-spring pictures...

1. sweet darling melissa's ferns in the laundry room just about made my sunday morning
2.  it was finally warm enough to line dry this weekend....so rudy got his bedding washed (and then promptly and somewhat mysteriously spread doublemint gum all through it)
3. i am pleased to say that cadbury mini eggs are making their spring debut though they are not sold within a 20 minute radius of me....i can't decide if this is a welcome  or just annoying barrier to my chocolate intake (i will not publicly admit how many times i have driven said 20 minutes to get said chocolate in the past week)
4. nick's honeybees are to be found everywhere on the farm these days. this is one of his pictures. i still stay a good distance, convinced they would confuse my blonde hair for a big globule of pollen.


  1. Oh my goodness. I stumbled onto this blog today seemingly randomly.. but it seems like a sign to me because my husband and i have been talking about how we want to move to north carolina. I know you dont know me, but if you dont mind me asking, where in NC do you live? we are interested in asheville or someplace near it. I love your farm! I too grew up on a farm, but nothing quite as magical as yours!

    xx myranda

  2. Hi Myranda! Asheville is an AMAZING place. I would live there in a heart beat if it weren't for my family farm here in the Piedmont (quite near Chapel Hill).


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