playing hookie

i needed a day off from the farm store this morning. and so my darling boy obliged and went in my stead. i needed a day to romp with the animals. and flop around at home. there was washing to do. writing to tackle. dishes to be ignored. waters to fill. bedding to be fluffed up. eggs to be collected. and fresh air to breath.

so i am home/farm. and nick is store/town today. it is a nice switch up for this thursday. i get to be on the farm/home friday through monday. i don't know why today was so important to me. but it was. because there IS nothing quite as satisfying as Every-Now-&-Then staying away from the place where you are expected to be. is there not? certainly. definitely. on days when spring is singing from every corner such as today.

in photos: 
1. while the gardens are empty we supplement the chickens' diet with food scraps from the nearby organic co-op. i drop it down. they loooooooove it. chaos ensues. 
2. chicken feet.
3. oddly, my favorite corner of the house. and i cannot eat, or read, or sleep, or write there.  and a drawing of dad's.
4. outside lunch of rooster stew, cheese & mustard crackers from mom, apple cider, and finalizing my seed order with a final check with root cellaring.
5. picnic-ing never goes the calm & pleasant way i envision when rudy brings his ball.
6. mung bean sprouts a brewin'.
7. for a couple that makes their current business raising laying hens we have a shocking lack of egg cartons. as in, none. eggs tend to teeter on every surface.


  1. It its nice to stay home now and then :)

  2. I think everyone deserves to play hookie now and again especially when spring is starting to fill the corners of your own little world.

  3. i love chickens, i have some as well but not on a farm. days off are so great, i am becoming addicted to them though!

    i love these photos.


  4. Your photos are an absolute inspiration!

  5. A beautiful day to be home! Do you mind if I ask what kind of grinder that is in your third photo? I've been searching for one, but can't find one I like....

    1. Jamie, I've been trying to figure this out for you but can only find that it is "made in Poland". Not very helpful, sorry. It was a handmedown from another farmer. Are you looking for coffee or for grains or for meet? We have a great coffee manual grinder that is Japanese, from Hario. the Meet grinders we have are all oldschool with no brand and the grain grinder we have is just in our dreams right now.

  6. Pretty, pretty please- will you share the cheese & mustard cracker recipe?

    1. Yes! I will find it from my mother and post it right along.


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