we spent the weekend atop this little mountain. scheming. planning. dreaming. my parents were also in vermont this weekend and came up to see us up on this mountain. my mom said it does the soul good to see me there. my soul certainly feels good up there. perhaps its the altitude. but i think it may be a bunch of things. vermont certainly is seeming more and more like the place where we ought to be.

so very much more to tell you on this subject. but it must wait until tomorrow.

for now, i can only say how deeply grateful i am for the overly kind and supportive responses i got from you all on my last post. i hate to show too much negativity on this blog. i try very much to focus on the light and beautiful side of things. but i had to get that off my chest as i felt i was about to boil over on the topic. so....proverbial weight has been lifted. and thank you for your understandings and your support. as i said last thursday we would be sunk without it.  and i mean that. so, thank you.

and i must must bake 3 cakes this week! yeesh, how quickly this will get away from me!?

until tomorrow. 


  1. The mountains are simply beautiful aren't they? I just recently moved to the country in Northern California and I'm taken back at the morning view of Mount Lassen. You totally should move to Vermont, you won't regret it.

  2. i've lived in vermont all my life (then boston for college and a year in portland, oregon), and i can honestly say that nowhere compares. it is the most beautiful, honest, and real place there is to be.

  3. Vermont and/or New Hampshire are in my dreams for future living destinations. Glad to see you'll be taking root in such a gorgeous landscape.

  4. i grew up in new hampshire- about 40 mins north of boston. vermont was always a magical place for me. whether is was in white water junction for camp every summer or just outside stowe at my husband's family's condo for a romantic getaway from college. so many found memories. we are in portland oregon now, and can't imagine ever moving back east, but dream of spending a cozy weekend in vermont again. soon.

  5. I currently live in VT, left NJ years ago for a better life for our 3 children, now we have 5. We live modestly, simply and happily. Leap and the net will appear. Sweet Kate these mountains soothe me as they will you and Nick and all those animals. Vt is full of your people ~ come find them. Please be sure to visit Plainfield.♥

  6. Hey!!
    maybe you are interested in this book: http://radicalhomemakers.com/

    keep going on!!

  7. I think it keeps us real to discuss the negativity in our lives. It would be impossible to keep a blog positive 100% of the time. You vented in such an eloquent and positive way.

    I think what you and Nick are doing is awe-inspiring. I worry that our generation is not as into farming as previous ones and it takes people like you to keep this movement going. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to maintain a farm and I am beyond grateful to those who do it.


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