I joined Instagram earlier this summer because it seemed like the natural, band-wagon, thing to do while trying to avoid duties of sheep and gardens. Social sites like these are in my facebook-laced blood;  I can't shake them even if I want to and even though I am not very good at them. So, this is where I've been. Posting cheap shots of sunflowers and cute tomatoes in exchange for here. I have found that the fast photo (made possible by Nick's old, thrown-to-the-wolves iPhone) and the accompanying quick, slutty post to Instagram has matched my zombied End of Summer/Height of Harvest self better than this blog could. For, while I have been at a big fat loss for coherent, articulate words, the photo-rich world continues to present herself as ever.

My absence here has not been for a want of trying. Wednesday I was going to write to you about my sister and our short summer weeks together, but then I missed Fiona too much and spent the rest of the day loudly cursing the State of California and the grip it has on her. I was going to write to you today about sun-dried tomatoes and then my friend Sarah scared me about botulism so I thought it wise to do a teeny bit of research on the ol' matter before I infect you all. I'll get my shit together and start updating this page more often and stop lazying about on such dirty Insta-sites. 

Have a rockin' weekend. I'm making a cake with chocolate frosting for my friend/farmer/neighbor/generally sweet man who always remembers EVERYONE's birthday and is turning 57 on Sunday. Other than that, the days will continue on as they have all summer. I am ready for a Autumn. 


  1. This is wonderful news for me, I love everything you write and the images you post equally. Now I have another source of your beautiful images - I am a happy lady. Thanks for sharing your little corner of the world.

  2. I have taken a hard fall for instagram...glad to now have found you there now too.

  3. oh instagram has done similar things to my own blog.... uh i do miss my blog, and tending to it. but the quick easy insta-ness of instagram is just too well, quick and easy.
    i'm glad to know i can find you over there (have just rushed to follow you). but i will still visit here, in the vain hope that you continue to visit too. for while i love your photos, i am love your words and writing (you make me laugh and smile and sometimes cry too - which is simply all so wonderful). so i do hope insta-land doesn't take you for too long.

  4. I'm glad I am not the only one who has been torn away, while still avoiding work in other ways haha. Autumn is just around the corner!

  5. Oh yes I have fallen prey to instagram as well!


  6. Hi there,

    You may have seen this Youtube video already but I just came upon it today and it made me giggle and also obviously made me think of you and your blog! Farming is amazing. Thanks for sharing what you do :)



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