pictured, not pictured


1. Our South-sloped sundown sky.
2. I wonder if these two miss cuddling with Lucky fox as much as I do.
3. I planted these beets in MAY and completely forgot (read: ignored) them. We assumed they'd be woody and cow food by now, but they are tender and pink (and huge).
4. Best friends.
5. The squash is hiding under landscaping fabric next to the peppers. It was downright chilly on Monday night.
6. Nick walking Ted to greener pastures. Literally, walking towards better grass and will be joining the rest of our herd.
7. Everly once told me she wants a Pink Farm. I do too.
8. Yogurt snacks are for kittens.
9. Edamame and tomato harvest with the baskets Toby brought back from Tanzania.

Not pictured: 

1. Spots of Jack Frost on the pastures Tuesday morning. We have our work cut out for us this winter.
2. The eggplant pulled and tossed to the pigs. The End of That.
3. A rainy Saturday night filled with friends and whisky.
4. The sheep jumping out of their pen and helping themselves to new grass.
5. Me, in my pajamas with a headlamp, carrying out bedding hay to the pigs mid-night Monday for fear their Carolina bodies would be too cold in Vermont's sick joke of early September.
6. Leche (Ted's adoptive mama) bellowing at 11pm. Telling us Ted Escaped!
7. Me and my sweetheart in our pajamas (again!) chasing despicable Ted around in the pitch black after we found him IN MY GARDEN.
8. Fiddlehead-cat in my lap in the red canoe doodling around the pond (must get a picture).
9. The boys installed a grease tank in one of the trucks earlier this week. Cheers to a future of used veggie oil and not one of Oil oil.
10. Nick being a better milker than I.
11. The Tunbridge World's Fair tonight. It is the oldest running fair (apparently) in America and was only cancelled one year, and that was for the Civil War (so goes local legend).
12. The year's first bath. I indulged on Monday when it was Winter for a Night.
13. My bruised legs after this coming Saturday night. I am running in a 200 mile relay and will run about 30 miles  in 24 hours with my own two feet. Good gracious wish us luck.


  1. I just love these glimpses into farm life. I want to learn from you.

  2. Good luck on your run! My dad is a long-distance runner (running up to 110 miles in under two days!) so I understand how much effort and time goes into these kind of endeavours...but also the thrill of the success. I'm sure you will enjoy it! :)

  3. We had the same kind of experience with our beets! Good luck with all the running! Whew, farm life is enough running! :)

  4. Love love love that photo of the beet. And the kittens, of course.

  5. Mmm. I can't wait for farm life. Until then, I'll live vicariously through your photos and words.

  6. oh, my edamame did not do so well this year. Your harvest could last through several meals. And the baskets are beautiful!

  7. Are you racing across New Hampshire? I have another friend doing that as well. Best of luck, hope you don't come home too bruised

  8. I love the photo of Nick walking Ted. So picturesque! And the thought of all the interesting things that go on on the farm which we don't see, but that you so beautiful relay for our imaginations.

    P.S. I hope the relay wasn't too, too terrible - that's a pretty active way to spend a Saturday.


  9. Beautiful photos as always. I can't remember, this may be my first time commenting here. Or not. Either way I'm "newish" to your blog.

    I'm originally from Vermont and I've known lots of farmers, and yet it really warms my heart to see a younger generation coming up and wanting this lifestyle and making it something beautiful. Something to covet.

    We need this in the world. We need a new "cool", a new kind of hero, a resetting of our values. So whenever you think this blog is too much, or not important, or whatever...just, we need this, ok?

  10. Oh Kate, I love the walls in your home. They just make everything glow. :)

  11. Your blog makes me want to desperately live a farm life. Just beautiful.

  12. i am loving your dreamy photos of farm life. thank you for sharing. i have to visit here more often.

  13. Gorgeous photos. You obviously live a full life when a "mere" 30 mis of running just gets a casual mention at the end of your list. I'm awfully curious about your year's first bath?! I just stumbled upon your blog... Can you fill me in? You look far too clean and um, non-hillbilly to not bathe all year... Are you using the Chinese calendar or something? : )


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