good tidings by train

Ayana is taking the Vermonter train tomorrow up from New York and is staying the week. She thinks she is coming up to enjoy apple cider donuts and the peak of the trees. Really, she will be here to help me move the pigs across the farm, to shear the sheep for my first time ever, and to plant garlic. I also don't plan on letting her leave, for, as you know, I am short in the Friend Department up here in Vermont and know enough to not let one out of your sight once they have been found.


  1. The entire weekend sounds like the perfect way to spend some of the fall in Vermont, pigs and apple cider donuts and all! Enjoy some friend time.

  2. Have a wonderful weekend.

    A chore isn't a chore if it's shared with a friend!!

    Sue xx

  3. sounds great, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Brilliant plan! Have a great weekend.

  5. so glad you have lady time! I love lady time with my girlfriends- they are so important.


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