mellow yellow

Today is the first sunny day in seven. They are threatening snow flurries for Sunday and tomorrow doesn't look so great either, so we must revel in the yellow today. 

Ayana and I made a honey custard ice cream last night with honey comb candy, and, it being vastly inappropriate ice cream weather I thought I would share the recipe. 

The following is adapted from Andrea Reusing's Cooking in the Moment

For the ice cream custard :
make at least 3 hours and up to 24 hours before serving
makes 1 quart

4 farm fresh orange egg yolks
3 c. whole milk, or preferably full cream milk
2/3 c. honey
1/8 t. salt
an ice cream maker, a whisk, a thermometer and a stovetop

Whisk together honey, egg yolks, and salt and set aside. Heat milk in saucepan on medium heat stirring frequently until a steady simmer. Remove milk from heat and add (SLOWLY and while whisking) the hot milk to egg/honey mixture. Careful not to scramble the eggs, hence slow and whisking. Return mixture to the sauce pan, and on medium low heat, stirring constantly, bring mixture to 175°F. Remove from heat and pour into a clean bowl. Allow for the steam to settle off the custard and then place in the fridge for at least 3 hrs of chilling.  Once chilled put through your ice cream maker per their instructions. 

Sprinkle the honeycomb candy on top for ultimate un-fall enjoyment. 

For the honeycomb candy: 
needs at least 20 minutes to chill in the freezer

2 T water
2 T honey
1 1/2 t baking soda (twice sifted)
3/4 c. sugar
a candy thermometer, saucepan, whisk, and a greased cookie sheet

Pour water into saucepan, then sugar, then honey. Don't mix the ingredients in, just allow the heat to take over. On medium high heat allow the mixture to reach 300°F (candy thermometer). Remove immediately from heat and sprinkle in baking soda. Quickly combine with a whisk in several strokes and pour the now ever expanding mixture (thanks to the baking soda) onto the cookie sheet. 

Allow it to cool in the freezer and then break into shards to serve over honey ice cream. 


  1. Oh if only I had an ice cream maker! The honeycomb candy looks amazing all by itself, though. I love all your yellow-themed photos!

  2. Love the yellow-themed post, especially love the VW

  3. love this yellow/autumn themed post & can't wait to try and make this ice cream it looks delicious! i'm headed up to vt on saturday to go camping until tuesday and have been checking the weather non-stop, hopefully we get some nice days...enjoy your weekend :)

  4. yellow is the best part about the shift in seasons :)

  5. What kind of ice cream maker do u have? Looks amazing!

  6. What kind of ice cream maker do u have? Looks amazing!

  7. Lordy, you are gorgeous. That ice cream looks and sounds great.


  8. Love honeycomb candy! I grew up calling it angel food candy, and it was always made at Xmas and covered with chocolate (after being broken to bits). I like seeing it used a different way! Hope all's well!

  9. Oh my...ice cream custard and honeycomb candy!!! Sounds like a little slice of heaven to me :-)

  10. @erin, Nick's mother got me the cuisinart pure indulgence ice cream and sorbet maker. It seems to do the job, but I don't have any experience with other ice cream machines.

    @JackieD31, great idea to cover them with chocolate. Yummmmmy. on mellow yellow

  11. Those colours are beautiful. i really need to get away from the grey rainny city!
    Oh and the van! i would love that too!

  12. Love all the pictures! xoxo

  13. might i just add... that final shot of you is particularly lovely. crushin' just a little... (xo)


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