vangogh goes for a bath

Wednesday and Thursday were those two-in-a-million days that give so much light and warmth and happiness that your mind almost falls for the same trick your half-naked body has already fallen for. I gave in yesterday, in the garden, in shorts and and un-shod white feet. I allowed myself the momentary confusion to believe we were on the other side of winter, headed for even warmer days, headed for summer.

But of course, it is winter we are headed for. And this morning the gods resumed their nasty autumnal pleasure of a cold, incessant rain.

We've been going ten million miles an hour through the fall and I think we are just nearly approaching a tapering point. I keep saying that, but we must be slowing down. The cows and pigs are moving ever closer to their winter quarters. The barnyard is littered with hay. We are already nervously counting bales and mouths, mouths and bales. Squinting in our calculations, hoping the two add up. The garden is officially closed. The winter rye was sown to cover the ground. The Aged Ps are visiting and yesterday they planted 500 cloves of garlic with me well past the sun's set. The older laying hens are molting.

The cold rain makes my body ache for the sun of the two days before. But, I suppose its like enjoying a ripe tomato from the garden. I can't have the warmth of the sun all year round or I wouldn't love it so stupidly and fully as I do.

Hoping for a couple more of those sun-days peppered through this fall, but over all, trying to be as accepting as I am able of this rain.


  1. VanGogh looks supremely appreciative of the bath and the sun-day! Vini and I are giddy with excitement for our VT weekend. Incessant rain and all! Hopefully we get to see your sunny face! i shall most assuredly be in touch x

  2. Aw! What a sweet pig he is! He's definitely smiling! And you're right, cold rain is not fun. It's what we get most of the winter here in Oregon. The liquid snow. Glad you enjoyed your sunny days! I also am looking forward to springtime already, even though we have months to go. I'll be absolutely giddy when it arrives. As always. :)

  3. I love how connected your farming makes you to the earth and its seasons. There are trials, of course, but there is nothing like a strawberry or tomato--or even broccoli and beans!--in season.

    Yesterday I got back to Sicily after over a month in the States with family and was thrilled to see fennel and cauliflower for sale in the backs of trucks in town again. I'd missed cauliflower and fennel... haven't seen it in almost a year! And there we are, rooted to the seasons.

  4. Is this just what fall is like up here? Constant rain? I'm dying. Also- I'm going to need a copy of that picture.

  5. This is the single coolest pig in the world.

  6. Hi Kate -

    I've been oogling your blog for some time now and have been daydreaming about moving on to farm life myself someday. I keep trying to convince my dear boyfriend to homestead with me, but I suppose we have a lot of city life left in us these days. We do have a sizable garden and about 16 chickens we're raising, so I suppose we're doing what we can with what we've got.

    I thought I'd nominate you for a "Beautiful Blogger" award, and I'm not sure if you'll want to participate or not, but if you'd like to check out the little nod, head over to http://calundmark.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/am-i-blushing/ (my blog!) for details. I have a few pictures of my chickens and of my garden sprouts up!

    Thanks again - and good luck with the coming winter!

  7. That pig is in heaven!


  8. look at that smile on Vangogh's face!!

  9. That picture is just so damn cute! Vangogh looks surprememly pleased with himself. Here in Australia we are heading into summer. The days are getting longer and warmer and after a horrible, long winter I am soaking up every delicious moment of it. Sending warm, sunshiney thought your way!

    Katie x

  10. This picture is GREAT! love love love it. I want a pig.


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