fiddlehead and sabia and the want of horse

Fiddlehead and I want a lot of things. We want an indoor toilet. We want those insulated rubber Muck boots. We want the chickens to not wake up so early. We want the grey cat who lives in our barn to let us love her and pet her. We want land we can call our own, with an old farmhouse and a post & beam barn. We want a cafĂ© to open up on our dirt road and we want the New York Times to be sold at our gas station. But, most of all, we want a horse. I want a horse. I need a horse. Fiddlehead could probably, in actuality care less for having a horse. He doesn't seem to be too thrilled when we make him sit atop Sabia, our landlord's aging buckskin. But I am consumed with the thought. Of riding my horse over the hill to see the neighbors, or corralling the cows with him or packing a picnic in his saddle bags and taking Nick and I to the top of the mountain for lunch. I want to get a small cart to have him pull fencing materials across the farm and feed for the chickens and hay for the cows. Someday I want to get two bigger, draft horses, and name them California and Davy Crockett (long, childhood imaginary friend story) and have them pull a plow and a cultivator and a sleigh in the winter.

Someday soon, when we buy our own land, we will get a horse. Or three. Right now we have a self-imposed moratorium on new animals. Let's wait to see how winter plays out. 


  1. i stumbled on to your blog and fell in love! here's to a future horse to you and Fiddlehead!

  2. Haha great post. No he doesn't look too happy at all! Horses are such a pleasure to be around, I'm sure you'll get one when the time is right.

  3. "A self-imposed moratorium on new animals." Hah! We've had one for years (which is strange when your husband is a veterinarian... vets always have 5 animals, no matter where they live, it seems) but are breaking that tradition--and some of our traveling ability--and getting a cat this fall. A Maine Coon cat. Can't wait!

  4. Maybe you could adopt one from the horse rescue. I just read about this place the other day.


  5. Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back: a new life, a new friend, a new love, and new country.

    Anais Nin said this.

    Also, perhaps you could borrow a horse from a neighbor for a short while?

  6. This post made my (otherwise dreary) Tuesday morning, so thank you! I love horses, and say kick the moratorium to the curb (they are different than just animals right!?).

  7. Horse suggestion: Amish trained Haflinger. You can pick one up for about $500 that are broke to drive, pull and ride. They are also air ferns and need nothing but grass and some hay in winter.

  8. Hi Kate,

    I too just found your blog (from Sue at Our New Life in the Country).

    Good view from up there Fiddlehead, especially of the colours in the Vermont trees.

    What a great place to live.


  9. i just want a cat that will sit on a horse.

    you are a delightful writer.
    love the way you string your words.

  10. I am with you! One day, when there is land that belongs to me I have promised myself that I will own a horse. Maybe then I will stop having the bittersweet riding dreams I've had since I stopped riding 10 years ago!

  11. My daughter wants a horse. I think she imagines it'll be a pink pony whose hair she can brush all day long. "Where will we put this horse?" I ask her. (We live on a 1/8 acre in town). "Daddy will build it a cage." She says.

    I am new to your site but your photos slay me.

  12. You have the best blog EVER. Just sayin.


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