some pre-read new yorkers

pardon my online absence dear readers. it seems to me the hardest task of a farmer is tending to her neglected, but loved, macbook.

i had a wonderful thanksgiving week with my parents. but. my camera died an inglorious death in a mud puddle. nick's camera ran out of battery and we "misplaced" the charger. so i had a thanksgiving week sans appareil. which was wonderful. but frustrating. so no photos to show of the feast and the week-end. suffice to say we had a house full of family...one of our turkeys...greens from my garden....sweet potatoes from friends....and bread by my dad.

now nick is back. i bought myself a hanukkah present of a new canon. and i have a few moments to retreat to the online world. photos above are of the presents i got last week. so much love and its not even christmas yet. 

hanukkah gelt from maura
flowers from mama
macaroons from nick
pens & paper from papa
....and old (but very much needed and desired) new yorkers from ayana. 

i'm one lucky lady to receive so much goodness by post and by hand. 

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