i simply couldn't stay away for long...

oh hai. i'm back. for the month of may i think. its my birthday month. yes, the whole month. and i wanted to indulge/experiment. i'm going to give myself over to le blog for just 15 minutes a day. because i miss this little part of my day....but i don't miss its filtering into the rest of my life. so i'm going to hold it at arm's length.

i have been wrestling with these thoughts since i took a break from this page in february...i am the first to believe in the power of the online world to connect us, i didn't work at facebook for nothing...
but i also feel so strongly that by giving so much to our online presence we are taking away from our real, everyday, baba ram dass, be here now, selves. so with my 2 1/2 months of blog silence stored up i want to see if i can't reconcile the two.

and also, because i want to show you all, what a helluva place the carolinas are in the spring. especially on this little farm of ours. i want to tell you how much i'm enjoying bossypants and how slow going little dorrit is for my fried farm brain. how i thought my favorite running loop was 6 miles but ITS BARELY 3. i want to show you how much little piglet rose has grown and how her favorite food is strawberries. i want to share more of it all this month. so hello again....for now.

and please become acquainted with our summer dining room. we'll be spending a lot of the upcoming months in these chairs and on that hammock behind me. the weather is full summer here now.

o.k. its been more than 15 minutes. damnit. trying to make a graceful re-entry.


  1. Not to be over eager and all, but I am happy your back:)

    Think you've reached a wonderful compramise.

    Happy happiest of birthday months.


    P.S Think I have my first birth in July:)

  2. I'm so glad you're back, love! When are you on the island next? Come to the barn!... let's grill pizzas and drink wine. xoxoxo Miss your face!

  3. yay! glad you're back. i've missed my little part of the evening when i would spend a couple of minutes catching up with your blog!

  4. I found you through the adorable Melissa and I'm looking forward to reading about your 15 minutes a day.

    May is also my birth month, and what a wonderful month to be born in :)

  5. Glad you're back! As a wanna-be farm girl living on 2 semi-cultivated acres in rural Maryland, I very much enjoy reading your blog!

  6. Im glad you decided to post again:) I just found your blog and have to say it gives me hope that i may (someday) be able to escape this urban sprawl ive ended up in. I just had an awesome birthday yesterday, hope this month is good for you too!!!!

  7. I am so glad your back! I love living vicariously through you :)

  8. I think you've got the right idea--devote a samll slice of time to the interworld, then go on living your real life.

    love your blog.

    and it took me around 6 months (on and off) to read little dorrit. trudge through, it's worth it!

  9. hey all, thank you so much for your kind kind words! so nice to see you all here and i love clicking through to find your charming blogs too!

    & @ Senorita Moriarty I won't be on Island til the end of the Summer...but by then I'll be living in New England and we will wine and dine til the cows come home

  10. Yay! I found your lovely blog just as you were deciding to stop writing so I am so happy to see you are bringing it back! We are country dwellers ourselves with a love for all things outdoors and animal natured so I love reading about your farm adventures!

  11. I have loved your little blog and was so saddened to see you stop! Hopefully you will keep posting your gorgeous photos and dreamy farm life tidbits beyond the month of May. :)

    Incredibly busy city girl-graduate student missing the farm land,



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