the boston-side of farm things.

we spent our first day back on a farm yesterday. we went to a farm outside of boston that we will be working on through the winter. they are a non-certified organic veggie farm with over 40 acres in cultivation. we have been hired to introduce livestock to their acreage in the coming year. chickens and pigs most likely. we spent the morning talking cover crops and local predators (a coyote mother who likes to watch them garden from the compost pile). we talked winter shelters for chickens. we talked heat sources and found a great solution from a woodstove in an old green house.

it felt good to talk shop again. it felt less good to spend 5 hours bent over in the hot sun harvesting arugula and kale and potatoes and cilantro. but we had to put in some solid time with their college-infused garden crew. show we aren't the bitter and wizened 27/28 year olds that we appear to be.

and so today, we are headed over to the berkshires. to begin our fall apprenticeship in the hippy hills of western massachusetts. where we will sing a lot of songs. and make a lot of farmer's cheese. and bake a lot of bread. and have general merriment and be generally productive. and be reunited with my rag tag flock of animals.

we don't have internet at this new farm. so i will do my best to communicate to you our goings ons. but a fair warning, that you may be in for a more heavily loaded iphone picture blog in the close future.

wish me luck.

in iphone photos of a friend's farm:
1. happily colored honey bees. doing their job. in their little honey bee village.
2. flowers picked for nick's sister.
3. out of focus photo of ants devouring a melon
4. pop-corn.  


  1. My boyfriend's from Western Mass, which feeds my love of land as far as the eye can see more than the eastern end. Good luck!

  2. this sounds like a wonderful way to spend the next few months. have fun!

  3. ooh the honey bees! i love all the colors. i've been devouring honey these days. peaches and honey are the new favorite. gorgeous photos and words, kate. like always. :)


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