the chances of anyone reading this on the upper cape are slim. but we have put fliers up all over town. we have knocked on all doors and accosted anyone walking, running, or biking by. our little rocco kitty is missing. he's been gone now for almost two days. billy-cat would really like him to come back. and so would we. he's a good boy. but shy. he responds to rocco and kitty-kitty. and, as promised on the flier, i will bake you any kind of cookies you want as a reward.



  1. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear this and will be sending out all the good thoughts that I can!

  2. I'm sending you good vibes that little rocco will be found.

  3. I have a shy kitty who escaped. Leave the door open and have everyone sort of disappear - he's probably afraid and keeping on the low down. My little sweetie zipped in when everything and everyone was gone. Also go out yourself - alone and quiet at night - just whispering his name. Hopefully you'll find him - this is so sad!


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