farmers on holiday

i've been mulling over how farmer's can go on holiday. how they can leave their animals and crops and land and cares behind to put them on hold. to put them out of their ever stressing minds.

i'm on holiday, so i'll need to mull over these feelings of guilt and this need for rest and see if i can't reconcile it for a coherent post. for now, we are in town, getting wares. the winds are picking up a bit. and if we are to make it back to the little island without getting too wet i need to cut this short now.

i'll be back to a more regular source of internet gold next week when we land on cape cod. for now, have a lovely extended summer week-end. will see you on the other side.


  1. Love the picture of your parents!

  2. What a lovely post! Everyone needs a bit of a break from their lives....everyone! Enjoy your's!

  3. that's a lot of beautiful wood on that boat! pretty place to be.

  4. these photos are pure summer. enjoy your break.


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