morning a la cape

its past noon. nick's family is insisting on beach time. i am so tired of the beach. i grew up on an island. going to the beach every dragged day. i'd rather spend the afternoon in provincetown. today is carnivale there. and i need a healthy dose of gay man's carnivale in my life. the antithesis of rural north carolina. but we are doing family time which is good good good. and needed too. so i may be held prisoner in the sand, by the water for the afternoon. i do appreciate when holidays force decisions such as these. it skews perspective. this evening. when i am well into my third g & t i will conclude to you my thoughts about farmers and holidays. i write best with a bit of gin in the veins.

until then.

1. a warm and crushed diet coke found on the deck this morning. i don't know what possessed me to take a sip.
2. teddy bear. ensconsed. he hates the beach as much as i. lucky fella gets to sleep in.
3. this dress is dangerously short for the winds prevailing off the bay.
4. nick's sister got these bowls for the cape house and i'm photo-ing them to remember how much i would like a set.
5. le ciel...├ža me plait.
6. taking pictures of legs --i've always hated my legs but nick's are all dark and hairy and covered with bites so not pictured-- while nick was phone-talking to some good farmers who are taking care of our sweet bella-cow for the summer.


  1. I have a set of bowls like that from TJMaxx!

  2. it feels so desperately hot here i have to think the beach sounds beyond terrific right now!


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