this is wednesday.

i'm not sure who left this carrot in the barn or if the carrot herself decided to take a sunbath on the stall's ledge. but either way she was there. and i was there passing with the iPhone.

today's afternoon is calling for heavy rains so nick and i are trying to help with the csa harvest before lunch. sending thumbelina's poop to a state lab for testing today. the glamorous life. less than 6 days left until the season's harvest officially comes to a close. some down-time will be in order.


  1. ::sigh:: I spiraled into an out of control I miss my chickens mess tonight. Again, can I raise a chicken in the bath?

  2. love glamorous life also.
    these are the days

  3. Not so glamorous, but full of wonder!

    Camila Faria


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