scones and milking cows

today is the first day we have had off together in what feels like a lifetime but has really only been a 17 days. this morning while nick tended to the animals i started off the early daylight monday with a scone from marie. cassis jam which was a little slice of france from my mom. and fancy kusmi tea from paris from eve. and a little QT with the november calendar i made out of a scrap piece of cardboard the other night. neither nick nor i can ever be bothered with remembering the date and we have weddings and birthdays approaching so i thought a rare bit of order was in need.

this afternoon we're off to connecticut to see about a milking cow or two. and to have a picnic with the goodies packed in to my grandmere's basket. very highbrow.

feeling so very greatful this morning for these things in this house that remind me of all of the women in my life. 

fingers crossed for fortunate cow-window shopping.


  1. yay for fancy Parisian tea! <3

  2. this sounds like the perfect kind of morning. the kind i look forward to when i go to bed.

  3. Have a successful cow-window shopping!
    All these little things make our life more memorable, particularly handmade stuff (like your calendar. I like it very much).

  4. i love this picture! i have been following your blog for about a year now, and i find it very unique and beautiful!

  5. I love that homemade calendar! I always draw up our own calendar, it really helps me remember things more. Makes things pop. Yours is just a doodle, I can tell, but it's so great!

  6. I love the homemade calendar, too! So pretty. Makes me want to get out some cardboard and make my own. I hope you enjoyed your day together!
    x Katherine

  7. That photo is a little slice of heaven, from the adorable calendar to the tea and sunflowers (my fiance's favorites). Thanks for brightening my day!


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