to market to market

the last week of peppers and sunflowers. the root veggies are the solid players they've always been. the kale and lettuce are just hitting their stride.

i've been attending market lately with the new farm. markets in fancy pants boston. which is a terribly good time where we drink hot cocoas and schmooze with the veggie addicts. with the cold and rainy and snowy weather market has seemed more appealing than harvesting for the Obvious Reasons.

but today is a bluebird fall day. where even sweaters and jeans feel too warm out in the fields. so we are digging up all manner of things in the fields this glorious afternoon and feeling pretty good about our jobs. the weather always dictates my mood.

the last photo is a shameless copy of louisa's dancing carrots


  1. If I'm not mistaken.. you're working for my favorite farm! Lucky, lucky girl. I can't remember whether or not I wrote to you about the pumpkin they gifted me years ago that started me on my jamming hobby but they are such kind, generous people. And their produce is rarely rivaled. :)

  2. i think those are carnival carrots? first time to plant them this year. our cold being a bit behind yours, ours are just really getting going. can't wait to see my kids pull up the different colors.

  3. I just wanted to tell you I've been checking in with your writing and photos off and on since the summer, and not only is it beautiful, but it also reminds me of how hard a rural/farm life can be. And the weather! While it is always a dream for me to go back to that life (raised in NH, living in San Francisco, fantasizing about VT), it's good for me to see the realities.

    The tone and content of your blog is very peaceful and pleasing to look at. I enjoy it very much. Stay warm!


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