today i am thankful...

today i am thankful...

for a weekend full of weddings and parties.
for the hot tea in my thermos at market to keeping me alive.
for watermelon radish snacks.
for making a new friend and for her visits to market. 
for the two beautiful brides and the two glowing grooms we saw commit to each other on saturday.
for a room full of friends from san francisco.
for dancing like a grown up with men in tuxes. 
for finding boba tea in boston.
for brent and melissa's voices on the telephone.
for always having a warm and welcoming place to stay in boston.
for the roof deck hot-tub.
for jelly beans from the drugstore.
for buying a book and actually reading it.
for playing in town from friday morning til sunday evening.
for rudy, who stayed with a friend this weekend, and whom i missed dearly.
for the farmhand who found sweet bella waltzing solo down the street sunday morning.
for this yellow evening jacket from marie years ago....that i wear when i'm feeling fancy.
for only 10 days left of harvest and markets before the vegetables go into hibernation for the winter.
for the solitude of winter that is coming.
for the cats and this last photo i have of them together. on my lap on a long car ride, just loving their quietude and warmth.
for nick. without whom i could hardly get through the day. for his love. his compassion. his order and motivation and ambition and direction. for his cooking. for his friendship.

i haven't done these gratitude posts in over a year. going to try to get back into the habit of them as i find myself complaining about the most menial of things. life is so good. we have so much to be thankful for. we may as well celebrate that. 

***post-posted addition*** i was just looking through my wheel of favorite blogs when i came to soulemama. maybe there is something in this crisp fall air that makes one thankful for it all. 


  1. i don't know why but cats' picture with you make me smile

  2. nothing quite so beautiful as gratitude.

    i will be in boston for new years. do you have any recommendations? are there any all-year-round markets?

  3. i just read soulemama's thankful post, and your thankful post, and thought how beautiful it was that two of my new favorite blogs are feeling the same energy today!

  4. san francisco friends were so happy to dance with you, too!!! a loveliest time with you! love, naomi

  5. Tinkers is one of my all-time favorite books. I found it in upstate NY last year while on a 2 week roadtrip with a friend/lover. We had to part ways after the trip, so we tore the book in half then read parts to each other over the phone until we saw each other again (we took a trip to Colombia to work at a goat farm for the month of December). It was amazing and I will always love that book.


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