go north young WOman

i'm a horrifically inefficient packer. i've known this about myself for years. in fact, i can say, there hasn't been one trip i have ever been adequately packed for. and yet. i am a bossy packer. i don't want help. so i shun nick's offers (as meek as they may be). i feed myself beer and old cold pizza. and baking chocolate bits. and i pack. 

my method is to use as many small boxes, bags and crates to create many many fragile, rigid, awkward, heavy trips. from home to truck. from truck to home. i'll never learn the u-haul method. the purchased cardboard and bubblepop. i suppose i justify the cheapness of my moving with the frequency of the moves. neither i nor the blessed earth could possibly afford to buy new boxes and wrap each damn time when i have versions of both that would do just ok. 

the next few weeks we will be packing and unpacking. home and farm. i won't be around too much here while we settle. but i have lined up some fine ladies (of various sorts of farming interests) to blog in my stead. they have beautiful families, farms, and writings. so stop by and meet them over these next few weeks. and think dearlordgoodluck thoughts for me and my brood as we move north. 

also, if you'd like to follow us on our move i'll be updating twitter more regularly. i believe i have 5 followers. one of them is nick.  so careful. and be impressed. things are very important and busy and terse for me over there. @longestacres.

i cannot wait to be on our new farm. i cannot wait to introduce you all to the land there. 

see you on the flip side. 


  1. Good luck and best moving blessings to you and Nick. Itmust be that time if year. We are getting ready to move our brood of 6 kids + pets to a home with more property. Its not near what you will be taking on but enough for us to get back to our little farm life and some chickens. I cant wait to hear about your journey.

  2. You made me laugh with your witty and dry sarcasm more than once with that post. Also because I pack the same way. And I'm bossy. And like to pretend I'm organized, but by the end of it all I just throw shit here and there and nothing makes sense anymore.

    Very excited for this new adventure of yours. Maybe you'll be the first person I follow on twitter. :)

  3. Good luck! Safe travels, I just landed a summer job in Vermont.... Something in the water I suppose!

  4. I see a wool and spindle box. EXCITING!!

  5. I cannot wait to see the new farm. Best of luck with the move Kate!

  6. good luck with the move and settling in - creating a new home. xo

  7. As I scroll down looking at your photos I am surprised to see the very same picnic basket (orange & green) sitting amongst all your packing. This was something I grew up with and so seeing your picture brought back some memories.
    I moved a lot growing up so I think I could almost do it blindfolded.
    Wishing you the best....

  8. so much good luck on your move :) always thinking of your adventures


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