so long, shopgirl

if you aren't outside today, you ought to be. i am indoors. but, i have an excuse. it is my last day as shopgirl. my last day working in boston at the farmstore. my last day of missing the beautiful sun, wind, rain, fog, snow, and sleet. tomorrow i revert to being a farmer. full stop. and that is music to my un-sunlit ears.

i celebrated with a chocolate cupcake.

i am ready to throw myself at the mercy of the unforgiving weather once more. i am ready to see my fingers and palms turn a shade of dark soil brown. i am ready to have briar scratches on my knees. i am ready to have the sun attempt her best to beat me down. i am ready for the chill of early morning feedings. i am ready to see my right arm muscles develop faster than my left. i am ready to be a human ox. i am ready to feel the complete. total. all consuming exhaustion at the end of the day.

i am ready to be the person i love to be again. i am ready, i am anxious, to be a farmer once more.


  1. Here's to celebrating your last day as shopgirl and the start of your new life! Hurrah!

  2. Congrats! I bet today's beautiful weather is tormenting, eh? It's tormenting me, that's for sure.

    Also, I'm always a sucker for a You've Got Mail reference.


  3. YES! Go get 'em! <3

  4. This nearly made me cry, for I long for something similar, but also out of joy for you!

  5. <3 "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined."

  6. CHEERS to you!! CHEERS to the next step! CHEERS to the process of life! Excited for you!

  7. I loved reading this. Beautifully written.


  8. Yesssss...this makes me so happy for you! How much longer til The Move?

  9. what beautiful writing. wishing you the best of luck!


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