to want.

to the easter bunny.

please help me sell twenty five hundred dollars of eggs so that i can replicate this on our farm. a greenhouse on wheels.

thank you,



  1. That is so so amazing! I wish I lived there. xo, rv


  2. you're cute. makin' me smile over here.

  3. Oh but you could make this so easily! Like for less than $200 of stuff from Home Depot, I bet.

  4. Oh wow...I totally love this!

  5. Ooh, me too please! I want, I want :)

  6. Girl. First, it's so lovely!! You could almost overlook what you're paying 2500 for. I cannot believe the way people have started to price things on Craigslist these past few years!! Second, I like that the ad explains what the owner intended to do, as if it's a selling point- i.e. the gypsy type graphics. And finally, you and your handy man could so make this. And if me and my handy man came to help.. I bet we could even break for beers and still get it done by sundown. We'll draw up the plans soon...because you know I drove past an antique store in Vermont today that had nothing short of 1 billion old glass doors perfect for tiny greenhouse making.

  7. I agree, you could definitely use some handy man skills and save a few thousand dollars here!

  8. swoon. i love it.

    but i agree with the masses, you can TOTALLY make this. In Washington state we have stores called, "The ReStore" and they have tons of old doors, windows, bits n pieces for cheap. I would look for free windows or even cruzing down some alleys for stuff people are throwing away...
    either way. best to you.


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