read a book!

i don't have ANY photos of me reading or otherwise fraternizing with a book. so, you must take a cute photo of rose as a piglet cuddling in the grass in it's stead. but i do promise you, i read, on occasion. and i think others should too.

morning computer dwellers! i thought i'd start this thursday with a friendly command i don't obey too often myself. to read a book! with all of your comments/emails from the so you want to farm....woman? post of two weeks ago i was a bit taken a back by all of the Things you would like to learn more about. so instead of yammering on about how cute rose is covered in the spring's mud (horrifically cute, if you must know) i thought i'd begin a reading list of sorts. you can find it under the read a book! tab underneath the longestacres banner. i will be updating and revising and adding to this definitively incomplete list. but i thought i'd give you a Place to Start. so there you have it. feel free to continue reaching out by comment by email by car or by ship as to what sort of information you are searching for by book and i will try my hardest to find the like for you.


  1. she might be the cutest big i've ever seen!

  2. What a great list you have started! I'll start reading my way through them in preparation for my "someday." :)


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