28, nearly

it's my birthday tomorrow. happy birthday, kate. thank you.

i tend to get rather gloomy and sentimental on birthdays and this one is no exception.  the untempered progression of years makes me so very uneasy. which usually translates into a foul mood. there is nothing more unpleasant than a brooding birthday girl though is there? so, this morning, as a farewell to 27, i flung myself naked off the dock of the pond. twice, for good measure. which was my way of slapping the brooding birthday girl across the face, and told myself to get on with it. 

to play it safe though i am spending the better part of the evening cleaning and baking lest an errant pillow or an empty cookie jar angers the birthday girl.

tomorrow will be filled with avocados and good cheeses and lilacs, and a sleep-in as i attempt to take on 28 with grace and pride.

also... there is this mirror in the hoop house and i never paid much mind to it until yesterday when i was searching for space near its base and i looked up and caught my reflection. i took a photo. i wish you could see the mountains in the reflection behind me. they would floor you, like they do me. but instead, its a just a grainy picture of me. i hate photos of myself. unless they are with somebody or some furry animal i love. this one isn't very focused or clear, so it makes me more comfortable. but i thought it would be wise to remember what i looked like at 27. so, please excuse it. it is an act of self-preservation.


  1. You still look like a 12 year old lost child to me lover :) xoxo

  2. Please do post pictures of the mountains. I want to dream of Vermont whilst sitting looking at paperwork instead. I would love to see the beautiful view you have.

  3. Have a lovely Birthday.

    I wouldn't worry if I were you, you still look like a teenager.

    Sue xx

  4. Happy birthday! Keep up with the blog writing, I love reading it. I can live my dream through you both until I can pluck up the courage to take the plunge like you have.

    Pat yourself on the back and enjoy your day!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    I too gaze a bit too much inward on my birthday. However, much like the photo you posted, reflection can be a good thing. I adore your blog...

  6. i always thought i was unusual for getting moody every birthday but reading this brings a meaning to it that i was never able to verbalize myself: "the untempered progression of years makes me so very uneasy."
    thanks so much for sharing these thoughts. i adore your writing. and the picture is beautiful!

  7. Although I hate thinking about the ageing thing (had a pout the other night about it) usually at birthday time I try and make it one big extended fun time (for me or others). Birthday week or Birthday month suit me fine. Nothing fancy, just some fun! Perhaps it's my attempt at switching the focus away from the more depressing thoughts. I liked the sound of the numbers 28. 32 thought, yeah...not so sure about that!

    Happy Birthday!

    PS Just looked at the previous photo. Those 3 are too much! I understand the hazards of foxes but I, too, have a soft spot.

  8. You have no clue who I am and I have no clue who you are, but either way, I am sending you a happy birthday wish. I have stumbles upon your blog a few months ago, and I adore your ramblings. I turned 40 a few months back and had a small chuckle at your demise of birthdays. I too had this problem...since I had to come to terms as a woman turning 40, the only way I get thru every years is by telling myself this "at least your older and wiser then those young wiper snappers" lol. Chin up birthday girl...life only gets better and better!!!!!!

  9. This was me last year when I turned 27. Minus the pond jumping. I got drunk in New Orleans instead. haha. Perhaps I can give the pond jumping a go this year.

    Happy Birthday! :D

  10. Do like me and keep giving the wrong age. I'm not doing it on purpose but I haven't quite got round my last birthday, I keep forgetting it's already happened!
    Happy birthday Kate, have a wonderful day!

  11. Happy birthday! What a great year it'll be!

  12. Happy birthday! What a great year it'll be!


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