as threatened

the weekend was full of kitty watching. here we have friday and fiddlehead. the former being the orange and the latter the gray. friday, because that was the day we picked them up. and fiddlehead for he isn't the brightest kitty and we have been eating many of them so, fiddleheads were on the mind. this is a fiddlehead for those that were curious.

when we weren't playing with the kitties the weekend filled herself with fence work. with potato planting. with shooting-star-gazing on the hammock. with the season's first thunderstorm. with moving cows. moving pigs. the discovery of a new forest run. a very informal open-barn where all of the neighbors on our little mountain road came to meet us. late night butter makings. more yogurt play. with the wonder of how the days could be so long and yet feel so inadequately short. but in between it all we kept sneaking back into the house for a kitten cuddle.

this week will take me to new york for a blistering 48 hours. and nick to boston. we're staggering our trips so that he leaves after morning milking on the day that i come back for evening milking. so if you don't hear much from us, that is what will be. 2 bewildered mountain monkeys coming down to the big cities, trying not to look too out of place.


  1. Adorable. And I have the feeling they will be around for a while!

  2. Gorgeous little kittys.

    Sue xx

  3. Kate, are you still running on top of all of the physical labor you do each day? How on earth do you find the energy?!

  4. Yes~ safe travels both of you.
    We can't wait to see you this weekend...let the milking lessons begin.

  5. Your blog is so calming to read. :) I'm completely smitten with Friday, such a doll!

  6. GAH. I die. Those giant ears!! The little noses!

    They are going to have the best kitty-lives. I've always thought that a cat would be happiest "down at the barn" with 24/7 access to the cozy farmhouse.


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